Rock of Salvation Baptist Church - Bringing Hope to the Hopeless
About Us
Bringing Hope to the Hopeless through preaching and teaching the Word of God and through serving His people.

To evangelize the lost and awaken the saved to live empowered lives by the 
Work of God and His Holy Spirit.
The Rock of Salvation Baptist Church was founded June 2, 2000 in the basement of the home of Elder and Pastor Freeman.  They moved to their present location, 5350 W. Bloomingdale, in December 2002.
This ministry was founded on a mandate from God to provide a place where individuals and families can come to seek change and receive empowerment through the power of the Holy Ghost.
All are welcomed to join the Rock Team for all Sunday Services, Dial-In Bible Class, Teleconference Ministries and so much more… 
5350 West Bloomingdale Ave
Chicago, IL 60639

School of Ministry ~ 11:00 am
Worship & Praise Service ~ 12:00 noon

Wednesday Night Bible Class
7:30 pm